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While The Rainforest Burns

Vegan Propaganda

The Echo from Darwin’s Grave

Most of the living humans of the twentieth year of the twenty-first century profess to the nutritional creed popular-ignorance. The popular-ignorants are the blacksmiths of their own happiness, and they place a lot of emphasis on not adhering to the supposition that they have responsibilities toward others than themselves.” 

An unsetimentalised piece of vegan progaganda.

We (also) have a dream.

“We have a dream that one day in the countries of meat production, in the countries of slaughter, where we are on many a man’s lips as a commodity, fluffy, furred, feathered, and shelled beings will be able to join hands with their brothers and sisters with skin, dry scales, and gills in joint peace. We have a dream today.” 

Find the dream in it’s full form.


The contents of a plate tell a lot about who the eating person is.

– The Echo from Darwin’s Grave

Tenderness is not to the taste of the popular-ignorants.

– The Echo from Darwin’s Grave

The religion of the popular-ignorants is not about being right but about having rights.

– The Echo from Darwin’s Grave


Collaboration with Elephant Journal

How Martin Luther (Bear) Jr. might help us Go Vegan

Martin Luther Bear Jr.

A Message for us all, from Martin Luther Bear Jr.

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